Big Willys Guitar Emporium

Albie The Intern

In 2021, I took on Albie the Intern who rapidly gained promotion to CEO Marketing and Chewing Offcuts. It turns out he prefers sleeping, chewing sticks and rolling in fox poo more than building guitars but he has a keen business mind and can do miraculous things with a soldering iron.

He was out one day chasing next door's cat when he met our neighbour William. After several days of Albie disappearing behind the workshop and me hearing a lot of whispering interspersed with occassional hysterical laughter, Albie and William informed me of their cunning business plan.


Big Willy

William, it turns out, is a keen entrepeneur who enjoys fine dining and regular but often inapropriate episodes of naturism.

Combining Albie's expertise in marketing and Williams oversized aspirations, they explained to me their plans to launch a range of guitar related products as part of their newly established Big Willy's Guitar Emporium.

For sale under the subtly named Big Willy brand are products that you will be desperate to get your hands on including peddles, hand wound pickups and various other items that you simply cannot do without.

Whether you have always longed for a Big Willy of your own, or you would like to surprise a friend or partner with a Big Willy, then look no further. As Albie and William say rather too loudly and often, 'You can't go wrong with a Big Willy'.

It is not an exageration to say that having a Big Willy will be a life changing experience for you and yours..... so, gird your loins, strap yourself in and enter the world of Big Willys Guitar Emporium to expand your horizons and enhance all your guitar related needs.

On our eCommerce site, you can find our world reknowned parametric equaliser peddle, Big Willy's Phat Middle. This beautiful, hand made peddle will boost your bass, tame your treble and shape your middle to add some extra girth to your guitar tones.

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