The Telstar

Strongly influenced by the classic shape of the Telecaster, the Telstar is our take on this timeless and versatile guitar. From pure, sweet sounds, to a country twang, to utter filth, our pickups and electronics provide a host of different tones. There are no compramises here. The body is made from a single piece of mahogany, chambered for weight relief, and capped with poplar burl, flamed maple or quilted maple. A range of different stains are used to bring out the natural figure of the wood.

Customers can choose between a more traditional, flat front and back style without belly or arm carves, or our more modern style with elegant comfort carves for arm and belly. This guitar offers versatility combined with traditional elegance and the neck profile and fret work make the guitars a joy to play.

You can choose a range of custom options but this very reasonably priced guitar represents extraordinary value for money. Scroll down to configure your own version and find out the cost at no obligation. Build time is currently between 8 and 12 weeks but please enquire because we often have standard models in stock for immediate shipping.


The Telstar is reminiscent of the classic Telecaster. The body is made from a single piece of mahogany with quilted maple, flamed maple or poplar burl caps with ivory binding. The mahogany is hollowed out to reduce the weight of the guitar and grain filled and stained to highlight the grain and natural colours of the wood. The caps are stained to emphasise the beautiful natural figure of the wood. The mahogany behind the f-hole is stained and finished before fitting the cap. The body is finished with polyurethane.


Necks are made from maple, either plane, flamed or laminated and we offer a range of different fretboards, fret marker styles and inlays. The two way truss rod access hole is decorated with aged copper leaf. Hipshot locking tuners provide excellent tuning stability and wide Nickel-Silver fret wire is used and complemented with a hand-carved bone nut. The neck has 21 frets and uses the either the standard fender scale length of 25.5 inches or 647.5 mm or a PRS style or a 25 inch scale which reduces the string tension, alters the tone slightly and makes playing slightly easier. The neck can be treated with a satin oil finish for a simple silky feel or a more durable gloss or satin polyurethane.

Pickups and Hardware

A wide range of different pickup options and wiring configurations allow you to extract a huge range of tones from just one guitar. Our standard telecaster pickup options have a boost coil for additional grunt that is switched in with a push pull volulme pot. A P90 pickup in the neck position is one of our current favourites. Wiring can be a standard 3 position, 4 position or 5 postion including 'Bill Lawrence' wiring that additionally puts the pickups out of phase for a stratocaster-esque sound and introduces a capacitor to produce a sweeter sound for the neck pickup.

Chrome or gold surrounds are used for the standard telecaster neck pickup. Matching Gotoh or Kluson top-loading bridges provide excellent control of intonation with style. The Gotoh bridge has 3 brass saddles that allow good intonation of each string. The Kluson bridge has individual saddles.

Telstar Custom Configurator

Fill in the following drop down menus to configure and cost your Telstar guitar. The specification form will be generated that you can use to place an order if you wish. Prices start from £1250 and the cost of additional options are in the drop down menus.

Body and Hardware


Pickups and Electronics

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Telstar Technical Specifications
Standard Configuration
Body Material
1 piece Mahogony
Body Cap
Flamed Maple
Nickel Silver Wide/Medium (2.62 x 1.16 mm)
Fret Marker Dots
Mother of Pearl
Hipshot Locking Tuners (Chrome/Gold)
Gotoh or Kluson TopLoading Telecaster Bridge/
Neck Pickup
Steel Twin II
Bridge Pickup
Steel Twin II
3 way switch and push/pull boost
Hand made Bone
Body Finish
Neck Finish

Ordering and Delivery
Guitars in stock can be despatched within a few days of receipt of order. Otherwise, guitars are made to order. A small deposit is required to cover materials. Delivery is usually between 8-12 weeks but please contact us for current delivery times. Guitars are supplied with a hard case as standard.

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