For all repair and setup work that I do, I provide a set of detailed notes that explain the work that has been done. It also records how the guitar was setup on arrival and how it has been setup for the customer so that I can replicate setups in the future.

In the notes, I send a link so that customers can, if they wish, leave an independent review. These reviews are collated by google and so completely independent. You can read the reviews left by customers by following this link to my google business site.

Below are a small number of other reviews/comments below where I have some videos or images of the repair itself.

NAH Guitars Burl Beast - 2020

"The guitar is absolutely beautiful and the set-up is great - just as I'd asked. Nick is very professional; there was even a personal letter in the case explaining the set up and what tweaks had been made ito help get it to play the way I'd asked. As well as the letter, there were further detailed print-outs of all the specifications. Fantastic touch, very impressed. Highly recommended. It's a gorgeous instrument and you can tell love went into it."
June 2021, Leighan

Epiphone Les Paul Set Up
"Nick @GuitarsNah has done a magic job - this Epi LP 🎸 was a bit of a fret 🐷,

now frets and 🌰 are sorted and playability puts a big 😁 on my face!"

June 2021, Swidi, Leicester
MIJ, 1986 Squier Stratocaster

"Nick - repaired & totally refretted my 1986 MIJ strat - the video is on youtube. He is a brilliant engineer/craftsman - really knows his stuff. My guitar had seen years of gigs but was inactive for few years, due to fret wear etc - its now back as my main gtr. Also super friendly - what a find in Letchworth."

August 2021, LAGER Records

NAH Guitars Tiger Model 1 - 2021

"I've been playing it 1-2 hours. Hands down the best guitar I've ever played. Intonation, playability .... and I have not plugged her in yet.

I'm waiting to really crank it up when no one is here. I can't thank you enough as I can't put it down!

September 2021, Ronan, Letchworth

MIM, 2018 Fender Telecaster
"Wow great service, Nick was very attentive and assured - gave great confidence that he definitely knew what he was doing. Just looking at his own hand made guitars told you he was not only a good technician but also a craftsman - if only money was no object!! - anyway great service I got a perfectly set up guitar back -
couldn’t be more pleased and Nick provides a written summary of what work was done - excellent could not recommend enough."

October 2021, Chris, Hertford
MIJ, 1986 Squier Stratocaster

"I took my electro classical guitar to Nick for repair. My guitar had two splits to the side by the battery holder. Nick was very professional and knowledgable and was confident he could effect a good repair. My guitar was repaired in a few days and I was absolutely delighted with the result. The repair was exceptional and I was very impressed with Nick and his amazing guitar builds. I would highly recommend him to all guitarists with a problem."

November 2021, Lin, Hitchin

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