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Wiring Diagrams

Here are some wiring diagrams that we use in some of our guitars.

Reverse Phase double humbucker with 5 position switch

This is an interesting 5 position configuration that allows the inner and outer coils of the humbuckers to be selected together, as well as the more standard configuration of neck, neck+bridge and bridge. This configuration is used on the Burl Beast model and an example of the tones that it produces can be found on the sounds page. By having the two pickups out of phase (the bridge magnet is reversed, this provides out of phase tones that are reminiscent of a stratocaster.

Double Humbucker Split Coil

This is a fairly standard wiring diagram that uses a three way blade switch to select between two humbucking pickups. A push/pull pot on the volume potentioter allows the coils to be split to give a single coil sound. The three way switch selects between neck, neck+bridge and bridge in either humbucking or single coil modes. The tone potentiometer applies to both pickups. This configuration can be used for any double humbucker model and is an option with the Burl Beast or Curve Carve models.

Bill Lawrence Telstar Wiring

This is a really nice variation on a Telecaster wiring based on the circuit developed by Bill Lawrence but incorporating the additional power of Steel Twin II pickups from Iron Gear that each have a second coil that can be switched in for added boost. This additional gain is switched in using a single push/pull volume potentiometer. The tone potentiometer controls both pickups. A five way lever style switch is used. Positions 1-3 select the neck pickup, neck + bridge, and bridge pickup respectively. Position 4 selects the neck and bridge pickups but half out of phase with each other to give a sound that is reminscent of the out of phase sounds of a stratocaster. Position 5 selects the neck pickup on its own but with a 0.01 uF capacitor to ground, this reduces the low end by about 10% giving a subtley sweeter sound. This configuration can be used for any telstar guitar such as the Flaming Telstar. It can also be used with Telstar models that have a P90 pickup in the neck position or any two pickup combination including the Curve Carve models. With P90 pickups, it is necessary to insulate the outer shielding of the two wire output because it must not be directly connected to ground.

You can hear one of our Telstar guitars with this wiring configuraton here. Clean sounds can be heard on the video to the left and distorted sounds on the right.

Humbucker and Piezo Pickup blending circuit

For my entry into the Great Guitar Build Off 2021, I built two 'feline' guitars based upon the shape developed by Rick Turner and played by Lyndsey Buckingham. These guitars use a humbucker pickup in a rotating plate and a piezo bridge pickup and I designed a pre-amp and blending circuit to allow the pickups to be combined to give a range of tones from a pure dual or split coil humbucking sound to a bright acoustic type tone. A push pull volume potentiometer splits the humbucker. The tone control is also push/pull and when pulled, it activates the third potentiometer which is a blend pot. If this is not activated, the pickups can be combined using a three way switch to give humbucker alone, humbucker + piezo and Piezo alone. Click these links to find out more about the Tiger 1 and Cheetah 1 guitars.

Guitar Plans and Templates

I recently built a pair of feline guitars based on the Model 1 created by Rick Turner. I can supply a set of templates that you can use to create your own versions of this guitar. The template set uses a simple neck joint that is different from the original. A set of digital plans, which can be purchased separately, are supplied with this set. Experienced builders may wish to make the original style of neck joint, as detailed in the digital plans. Because this requires a reasonable skill level, I supply here the simple version. The template set has 9 separate pieces made from 12mm MDF. You can follow the building process by watching my you tube videos covering my entry into the great guitar build off 2021.

The template set + digital plans costs £150.00 + shipping. An exact price will be provided. The plans on their own, which allow you to make your own templates and guitar, cost £30.00 and can be downloaded online. Please contact us if you would like to buy either of these indicating what you would like and we will send a quotation.

We can also supply other template sets based on our own designs. A standard set is made with MDF and costs £55.00 and allows you to make the body, neck, neck pocket, electronics and pickup cavities.

Piezo Pre-amp Circuit

If you are interested in the piezo pre-amp circuit, I can provide a PCB version which is 35 x 58 mm. The cost is £25.00 and includes 3 connector cables for input, power and output. It is run using a 9V battery, has an on-board trim pot adjustment so that the output of the piezo can be balanced with a second pickup and an onboard LED to indicate when the circuit is on. I use a switched jack plug to ensure that the battery is only connected when the jack plug is in the guitar.

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