The Quilted Beast


The Quilted Beast is made from a single piece of mahogany with a Quilted Maple cap. The back has a belly carve for comfort and is stained to highlight the grain and natural colours of the wood. The maple cap has shallow indentations for the potentiometers and is carved for comfortable playing. The cap is first highlighted with black stain, sanded and then stained blue to reveal and highlight the quilted figure of the wood. A natural faux binding contrasts the front and rear of the guitar body. The double cut horns of the beast are carved and radiused and the neck pocket is rounded for better access to the upper section of the fret board.


This guitar has a set neck made from a single piece of flamed maple with a dual action truss rod inserted from the rear and concealed with a bubinga skunk stripe. The truss rod access hole is decorated with aged copper leaf. Metallic eccentric rod markers, filled with blue epoxy, re used to mark the fret positions. Hipshot locking tuners provide excellent tuning stability and wide Nickel-Silver fret wire is used and complemented with a hand-carved bone nut. The fret board comes with an inlayed gecko motif in blue to match the fret position markers. The neck has 22 frets and uses a scale length of 25 inches or 635 mm. This scale length is mid-way between Gibson and Fender standards and introduces a balanced tone at concert pitch. The neck is stained a light amber colour and made to look "rustic" in keeping with the body colours and a satin oil finish enhances the grain of the wood.

Pickups and Hardware

This beast features a black platinum P90 pickups from Iron Gear in the neck position and a rolling mill pickup in the bridge position. A 3-position switch selects between neck, neck + bridge and bridge pickups. A push pull pot on the volume control splits the coil of the humbucker.

A Wilkinson two-point knife edge tremolo gives good tuning stability. The P90 neck pickup is mounted directly to the body and the humbucker is mounted using a chrome, low profile surround.

Technical Specifications
Body Material
1 piece Mahogony
Body Cap
Quilted Maple
Pale Amber Flamed Maple
Pale Amber Flamed Maple
Nickel Silver Wide/Medium (2.62 x 1.16 mm)
Fret Marker Dots
Metalic Eccentric
Hipshot Locking Tuners (Chrome)
Wilkinson Two point tremolos
Neck Pickup
Iron Gear Platinum P90 (Black)
Bridge Pickup
Iron Gear Rolling Mill Humbucker (Black)
3 way Blade Switch with Push pull coil tap for Humbucker
Hand made Bone
Body Finish
Neck Finish

Ordering and Delivery
Guitars in stock can be despatched within a few days of receipt of order. Otherwise, guitars are made to order. A small deposit is required to cover materials. Delivery is usually between 8-12 weeks but please contact us for current delivery times. Guitars are supplied with a hard case as standard.

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